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Department of Chemistry Jones Research Group

We are located in the Department of Chemistry
at Washington State University

Our lab uses a number of techniques to try to understand the impact of drug metabolism on drug design.  At present we have two focus areas, understanding and predicting drug-drug interactions, and understanding and predicting sites of metabolism.  Our overall goal is to provide the fundamental knowledge required to make better drugs in a shorter period of time.  This should decrease the overall cost of drugs, and decrease the lag time for combating new diseases.    At present it takes almost 15 years, and almost one billion dollars to develop a new drug.  This means that for every 10 days we can remove from the development time we remove 1 million dollars from the cost of drug development.

Traditional Pharmaceutical R&D

To make better drugs also means that fewer drugs will fail during development and in the clinic.  ADMET (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, toxicity) considerations are responsible for 50 % of drug attrition.  With the help of grants from NIH, Institutes for General Medical Sciences and the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences we have developed novel methods that are in use in drug development to decrease attrition due to these factors.

Attrition in Drug Development

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