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Department of Chemistry Jones Research Group

No good byes, just see you later…August 2018

Erickson Paragas

Gordon Research Conference June 2018

Erickson, John, Carolyn, Sara, Armina, and Jeff all monkeying around until someone gets hurt.

Erickson Paragas Ph.D. Defense June 2018

Erickson standing in front of his title slide.
The Role of Aldehyde Oxidase…
What is “thumbs up”?

2018 May

Ice cream at Ferdinand’s

Visit to Amgen and the past Jones group members.

ChiChi, Upendra, Sara, Jeff, John, Carolyn, Dan


2018 April

Karen Vo presenting her poster at SURCA
Armina Abbasi’s 1st seminar

2017 August Solar Eclipse

2017 March dinner at the Jones Household

2016 December

Jeff and Carolyn visit the Amgen campus in San Fransisco, workplace for former graduate students, Dan Rock, John Barr, Sara Humphreys and Chi Chi Peng.


Carlo defended in October 2016 – Congratulations!

Lots of data…

2016 April

Experimental Biology Meeting in San DiegoIMG_3319

2016 July

Gordon Conference in NH.  Sara and Erickson (center) with Swati Nagar (left) and Ken Korzekwa (right).


2016 April

Sara defended on April 14, 2016 – Congratulations!






Ice Cream at Ferdinand’s





2015 May

2015 05 lab pic

2015 July Group dinner at the Jones Household

2015 July dinner

2015 May BBQ at the Jones Household

2015 05 Lab BBQ (2)

2014 May BBQ at the Jones Household

2014 May BBQ

2014 April

2014 April – A tour through the Miracoco Luminarium on campus

2014 Miracoco 1

Congrats John

John Barr (PhD Nov 2013) now a post doc at the College of Pharmacy at WSU

Jones Group 2013

Sahadev 2011_edited-1

Sahadev Nepal (MS Dec 2013)

Cheers lightened

Upendra Dahal’s Ph.D. defense April 2012

The Jones Group in 2012

Upendra Dahal's PhD defense April 2012

Upendra Dahal (PhD April 2012) now at Celgene Corporation, NJ

Upendra Dahal and family

Upendra with Cliff Berkman

2012 Summer Ice Cream at Ferdinand’s

Summer 2012

2012 January Dinner at the Jones Household

Jones Group in January 2012

2011 May BBQ

Jones Group in May 2011

ChiChi Peng Graduation

Chi-Chi Peng (PhD Feb. 2009) now at Biogen Idec.

ChiChi Peng and Jeff Jones

ChiChi Peng with Jeff Jones

Ken Roberts Graduation

Ken Roberts (PhD Nov 2009)

Ken Roberts with Jeff Jones

Josh and Ken bromance

Josh Alfaro (Postdoctoral Student Dec 2009)

Josh Alfaro and Jeff Jones